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The files below contain lists of more than 5,000 references comprising more  than 350,000 pages of books, other published documents and websites,  respectively, which are relevant for humanitarian health care logistics and  many of which were used as references for writing the handbook of  humanitarian health care logistics. The documents are categorized according  to the list indicated in the first worksheet.  Some books and documents can be downloaded from the Internet and many  journal articles will be available as hard or soft copy at a (university) library.  Any information on additional resources is greatly appreciated.  HHCL References - Books 07-06-16.xls  HHCL References - Documents 07-06-16.xls  HHCL References - Websites 07-06-16.xls  Most of the book references (most recent editions) are also available at the  following WorldCat link and can be exported in different citation formats:  WorldCat Humanitarian health care logistics pdf 08-03-14 
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Last updated 07.06.2016