Advanced features
The Humanitarian Health Care Logistics Framework is intended for guiding  organizations in establishing their logistics and supply network strategy in a  structured and systematic way. Details of issues and their options can be  found in the Handbook of Humanitarian Health Care Logistics.  HHCL Framework APR 2011.doc  The toolbox below contains around seventy Word and Excel (97 - 2003) files  which have been developed and used in the field. The corresponding tools in  the zipped file below are intended for immediate use or modification to suit  the needs of specific organizations or individuals.  HHCL Toolbox 07-01-11.pdf  HHCL Toolbox files  The MedICOS (Medical Inventory Control and Ordering System) is an Excel  spreadsheet which allows recording and forecasting customer demand and  calculating replenishment orders as well as analysing remaining shelf life.  MedICOS 07-01-11.pdf  MedICOS 06-01-11.xls  The Easystock file is an Excel spreadsheet which allows managing stocks and  issuing packing lists.  Easystock 07-01-11.pdf  Easystock 06-01-11.xls 
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